Create a Mall Full version

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Create and manage your own mall and make the most successful in town

Become a world class mall developer by creating exciting malls with interesting stores. Upgrade the stores to attract more customers and earn more money. Create A Mall is the first game where you can then use the money to buy jewelry, clothing and office decorations.

Each store will provide a daily income that the player uses to hire workers, purchase materials and build more stores, entertainment locations and enhancements to the malls. At each level, if the player achieves their goals, they earn shopping credits they can then use within the stores they have built.

Here are some key features of "Create A Mall":

· Six different cities full of shopping malls
· Twenty-two varieties of stores
· Nine store types that offer shopping opportunities
· More than 40 medals and trophies to earn

Name:create a mall
OS:Win XP, Win Vista
File Size:24 MB
Download Link:[uploading]

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