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NagiQ is a family-friendly, challenging word game, perfect for brain fitness! In NagiQ, you think of English words and place them on a board, trying to connect to some special, mystic letters. You will complete a level when no unconnected mystic letter remains on the board. And that’s it for the gameplay! There are more than 100 levels grouped into 5 islands (each island introduces variations to the basic gameplay.) Hours of fun guaranteed!
Game Levels :
The game comprises 5 islands. Each island has 25 playable levels, amounting to 125 total levels for playing. The islands are: 
1. Mindia: For completing Mindia’s boards we only have to conquer all of the mystic letters, following the basic rules of the game. 
2. Vulcania: Vulcania’s boards contain bugs! We have to surround them with letters, and also catch all of the mystic letters. 
3. Nuntel: Here the game rules’ stay the same, but Nuntel’s boards have a timer! Now we have to place words before the timer reaches its minimum value. 
. Raspit: This island introduces an additional requirement: any new word you place on the board has to include a letter contained within an orange tile. 
5. Partok: The last and harder island: Partok’s boards mix all of the play modes! 
Special Features :
* NagiQ includes a hint system. In exchange for some cookies the game can fill some selected cells of the board with a word for you. 
*Also, in exchange for a few cookies you can undo your last movement. 
* If a board contains a cell with extra cookies try to catch them by placing your word on the board such that one of your word’s letters lies over the cell with the cookies. 
*NagiQ has a Hall of Fame for top scores. 
* NagiQ can award up to 8 trophies to a player. Each trophy represents a game’s achievement. For example, the “Trophy of 2″ is awarded when the player conquers 2 mystic letters on the board with a single word. 
* The player will also receive bonus score and cookies when making a really good movement (e.g., placing a long word on the board) 
Any alphabetic key = Append the key’s letter to the current word. 
Backspace = Delete last character of current word. 
Esc = Clear current word. 
Spacebar = Switch word orientation. 
Alt + F4 = Closes the game. 

Left-click = Place word on board. 
Right-click = Switch word orientation. 
Middle-click = Move cursor from board to onscreen keyboard and viceversa.

Name:NagiQ Full version
OS:Win XP, Win Vista
File Size:29.30 MB
Download Link:[filesonic]

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