Bloody Roar 2 For PC

Bloody Roar 2 For PC

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How To Install:
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2. Install
3. Play

Submitted by:
Unlock dash mode
If you beat the story mode with Shen Long you will unlock the dash mode.

Submitted by:
Brad Vickers
Easy Rage Moves
To execute any competitor's Rage Move, whenever your transformed press UP and L1 at the same time. It's much easier than all the other mojo.

Submitted by:
Xx Gengar xX
Any Cancel Point Option
Defeat fifteen or more characters in survival mode.

Submitted by:
Xx Gengar xX
Custom Option
Complete arcade mode to access the custom option, with big head mode, recovery speed and other selections.

Submitted by:
Xx Gengar Xx
Expert Mode
While selecting any option on the title screen, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2.

Submitted by:
Xx Gengar xX
Extra Costume
Complete the game with all characters under arcade mode. Then, press Start at the character selection screen to choose a fourth costume.

Submitted by:
Larry H.
Fight Against Shen Long
To fight against Shen Long, beat Arcade Mode without continuing.

Submitted by:
Sk8er P311
Get Movies and Pictures
To get all the pictures and movies just beat the Story Mode with every character at difficulty level 4 or higher.

Submitted by:
Xx Gengar xX
Model Type Option
Successfully complete the game with any character while under story mode.

Submitted by:
Play as Gado
To play as Gado in Bloody Roar 2, all you have to do is beat the game in Arcade mode once, with any character on any difficulty.

Submitted by:
Louis Saucedo
Play as Shen Long
Defeat Shen Long in the special stage. This also unlocks "Ending 1" on the "Movies and Pictures" menu.

Submitted by:
Xx Gengar xX
Recovery Speed Option
Successfully complete the game with any character under story mode without using any continues.

Submitted by:
Larry H.
Remove the Menu Options on the Pause Screen
Simply hold the R2 button while the game is paused to remove the Menu Options. You can bring them back by releasing the R2 button.

Submitted by:
Larry H.
Special Pictures
Beat the Arcade and Story Mode with all the characters. Each time you beat the game, you will gain a new picture. You can also get the special "losing picture" of each character by beating the game after you have died ones.

Name:Bloody Roar 2 For PC
OS:Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7
File Size:21 MB
Download Link:[sharebeast]

Bloody Roar 2 For PC

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  2. kan ada tulisan download link yang ada ditabel...lah kamu klik sharebeast nya..

    lo ga tw copas aja url ini.. n download dehh..

  3. keep your mouth shut my game is not downloading

  4. File Not Found,
    Please Fix or upload a new lupdated link
    i like this game sir. thank you, your a genius... i'll wait for your link


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