Worms 3D Full Version

Description Worms 3D Full Crack:

Worms 3D Full Version stands up as a cute, quirky little strategy game that has some excellent multiplayer capacity.

Screenshoot Worms 3D Version:

Master Control Reference 

Menus Primary Use Secondary Use
Navigating Mouse ↔↕ Cursor ↔↕
Selecting LMB Spacebar or Enter
Deselecting LMB Spacebar or Enter
List scrolling WMB or LMB Cursor ↕
Movement Primary Use Secondary Use
Moving W, A, S, D N/A
Fine Rotation Cursor ↔ N/A
Forward jump Return instant WMB instant
Vertical jump Return held WMB held
Back flip Return twice WMB twice
Front flip Return twice + forward WMB twice + forward
Weapons Primary Use Secondary Use
Panel on / off RMB F12
Panel navigate Mouse ↔↕ Cursor ↔↕
Panel select Spacebar, Return LMB
Quick select F1, F2, F3, F4, F5, F6, F7, F8, F9 N/A
Fuse 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (*delay in seconds) F
Trajectory Cursor ↕ Mouse ↕ (*FPS view only)
Firing LMB instant or held (*power up) Spacebar instant or held
Firing secondary (mid-air) Backspace N/A
Camera Primary Use Secondary Use
3PS Rotating Mouse ↔ [, ]
3PS Pitching Mouse ↕ I, O
FPS view E held N/A
FPS Look E held + mouse ↔↕ E held + cursor ↔↕
Blimp view Q held N/A
Blimp moving Q held + WMB held + mouse ↔↕ Q held + Ctrl held + mouse ↔↕
Centre worm Home N/A
Network Chat Primary Use Secondary Use
Chat box open Page Down N/A
Chat box close Page Up N/A
Miscellaneous Primary Use Secondary Use
Pause Esc N/A
Worm details Insert N/A
Worm select Tab N/A
Desktop Quit Alt Gr + Esc N/A
Movie skip Spacebar, Return, Esc N/A

Minimum System Requirements :
  • Microsoft® Windows® 98, Me, 2000 or XP (95 / NT are unsupported)
  • 800 MHz Intel® Pentium® III or AMD Athlon™ processor
  • 256 MB System RAM
  • 8 x CD-ROM / DVD-ROM drive
  • 32 MB hardware accelerated video card with 100% OpenGL® 1.4 compatibility
  • Sound card with 100% DirectX® 9.0a compatibility
  • 1.4 GB Hard Drive Space
  • Microsoft Windows 100% compatible keyboard and mouse

Recommended System Requirements:
  • 1 GHz Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon processor or faster
  • 512 MB System RAM
  • 16 x CD-ROM / DVD-ROM drive
  • 64 MB hardware accelerated video card with 100% OpenGL 1.4 compatibility
  • 3D Sound card with 100% DirectX 9.0a compatibility
  • Network connection for LAN play
  • 56 Kbps modem or faster Internet connection for Wormnet play via GameSpy Arcade®
  • 6 button, 4 axis game pad with 100% DirectX 9.0a compatible driver (Optional)

Name:Worms 3D fullversion
OS:Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7
File Size:90 MB
Download Link:[Mediafire]-[Sharebeast]

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