Description Bookworm: Play the hit word game Bookworm. Link letters and create words to feed the hungry, hungry Book worm! But watch out for fiery red letters...they'll burn your library down! It's vocabulariffic! Download and play Bookworm Deluxe.

Bookworm User Review:
"This is one of the best word games I've every played!" by Terry

Sreenshoots Bookworm:

  • Unlimited Play!
  • Mind the burning tiles - you don't want to set the library on fire!
  • Relax with classic mode (no timer) or turn up the heat in the timed action mode.
  • Automatic save feature keeps your last game waiting for you if you quit.
  • Spell special bonus words for big points.
Name:Game Bookworm Fullversion
OS:Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7
File Size:4 MB
Download Link:[click here]

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