Download Traffic Rider APK

Download Traffic Rider APK
Hello fans of games, had long been admin posts: this is the day you guys how are you? very good this time, not the admin will love a the latest action game that will make you a more lived in playing a game, you surely may have many who are familiarwith the game this one i.e. Traffic Rider but for those of you who are uninitiated admin will give some explanation which you can know about this game.

Game Traffic Rider was created by a developer named Soner Kara, in dame is for you who like to play kebut-kebutan dijalanan can get the full sensation to overtaking vehicles front side at full speed, this game is also very suitable to be played by children, teens, and even adults because this game is a very simple game according to the admin and will eliminate the boredom that you feel.

Recently, even one game is also very popular among the lovers of racing games, this game has also been updated on June 7, 2016 and then by showing and refine existing features in it, in addition to the features of the developer also give some tips so that players can play nice in order to get more value for is obtained.

In his latest ersi player can be behind the wheel of a motorcycle could be more detail and can also maintain a schoolgirl who can make you happy, Traffic Rider is a game that takes you on a race but did not culminate in a new mode of the present career, besides the first person will look prespekstif with a better graphic synonymous real life which will be recorded. You can also buy a motorcycle to be able to mengaihkan the mission.


  • First person camera display.
  • Can choose more than 24 motorcycles.
  • The sound of motorcycles that were recorded from your own bike.
  • Detail of the surroundings of the time day and night.
  • Career mode 60 missions.
  • Online leaderboards with 30 achievements.
  • Supported 18 languages.
  • You have to be faster in your Ascension then your grades will also be better.
  • If you are driving over 100kmh then you can immediately following the car Traffic to be able to get bonus cash as well as value.
  • Steer in the opposite direction in two directions because it can give you extra cash.
  • Do Wheelies in got the cash.
    Traffic Rider
    Traffic Rider Feature

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