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Chaty's Craft
Chaty's Craft is a classic free game games with time management in the new atmosphere, the game begins when Chaty a girl as well as creative will run the stores throughout the game, in this game you will be assisting customers who enter ketokoyou to create a nice and beautiful objects and when you help your friends mebmeri you should also eat a cute cat cute and adorable, named Ming.

About Cathys Craft:

Cathy's Craft is a fun game, here players can play at several locations which are divided into 6 different locations, in 6 locations that you need to give the appearance that is also different and customize with your store, if you erhasil win all trophiesthen your store can be called with a Craft Shop Stars you should also feed the Ming because if the Ming was already feeling very hunger Ming will be really very angry so be sure to always give Ming's food , on the site of the first you can get it for free to open and complete location.

At a time when your customers need help more than you because in the process of creation of the object they are very difficulty so customers need your help and they've felt the difficulties would appear the bubble-faced Chaty then click on the customer to be able to help. The more you help customers so customers will be more pleased with the marked icon indicates that the heart of your customers happy, if your customers are increasingly happy to then your score will be higher.

Game features Cathy's Craft:

  • Can enjoy a season Chaty craft
  • Can play at level 60 with time management in 6 locations.
  • Can win 18 of nutmeg and become a Craft Shop Stars.
  • It can help customers make nice object.
  • Love the funny stories of young Cathy is talented and funny cats Ming.

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Cathy's Craft

Chaty's Craft

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